Rustlings (August 3, 2015)

This past Saturday, I pulled my VW Beetle to the curb of E. Park Avenue. There was nothing wrong with my car – no flat tire, no odd engine smells or noises and no slipping transmission. The car was not overheated… but I was. So I pulled over – in this particular place and this particular moment – because there was a Lemonade Stand! Yep. Ice cold lemonade in a red solo cup for just fifty cents. I felt the product was underpriced, so I gave the two young entrepreneurs a dollar for my beverage. The managing mom shot me a smile and a wink. One of the young ladies said, “Thank you.” The other said, “I like your car.” I’m pretty sure it was a happy moment for everyone. One loved money, one loved cars, mom loved seeing the children occupied, and my thirst was quenched.

The weekend of September 25-27 has the potential for being a happy moment for a lot of people. The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of South Carolina is sponsoring PilgriMission SC right here in Greenville. Better yet, the work will be done in Nicholtown, and our church will be a primary host. Baptists from around the state will gather here, pray here, worship here and then work in Nicholtown.

For folk who need lodging in Greenville the registration fee is $100. For those of us who live here, it’s only $50. The fee provides refreshments, t-shirts and other necessary items for the weekend of work. Put the date on your calendar and plan to attend.

I’m pretty sure it will be a happy moment for everyone: those who enjoy the work, those who are recipients of the work, those who enjoy the fellowship and those whose thirsts are quenched by sharing the love of Christ with a neighbor.

— Jim