September has almost arrived. The month means many things to many people. This is the month of Labor Day. This national holiday affirms the contributions of our nation’s labor force in creating the society in which we live. We typically receive a ‘day off’ to contemplate the benefits of our vocational choices…or…to just not labor for a day. For others, September signals the beginning of Autumn. In the United States, this season between Summer and Winter is more commonly referred to as Fall. This is because leaves fall from the trees during Autumn. Yep, it’s that simple.

For most of us, however, September is highlighted on our calendars because…it is the month that I was born! My birthday is September 22 (I’m certain you already knew this), so, September is a very special month. Of course, the question that crosses your mind, keeps you awake at night, sits at the forefront of your cranium during these early days of the ninth month of the year is, “What do I get Jim for his birthday?” I understand and appreciate the mental consternation this causes in your life. For this reason, I want to make it easy on you. I want canned fruit.

Yep, it’s the same gift I asked for last year, and I’m asking again this year. (When you know what you like, why change?) Our church supports the food pantry of United Ministries by providing canned fruit. I would like you to bring canned fruit to the church during the month of September as my birthday present. How many cans, you ask? Ten cans are the minimum. If you resent, hate, tolerate, are tired of or could care less about me, ten cans will do, but if there’s any sense of affection at all, bring more! I like me so much, I’m planning to bring at least twenty cans!

In all seriousness, as we move toward the holiday season and winter months, the need for adequate stockpiles of food rises. Our assigned food is canned fruit. Let’s be faithful in loading up the food pantry at United Ministries this month… and I promise, those piles of fruit cans at the church will truly make it a happy birthday for me.


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