Rustlings (August 14, 2017)

I tend to be a directionally challenged person. I cannot tell you which direction the front door of my home faces – North, South, East or West. I’ve actually watched planes descending in the sky to determine where a city’s airport was located. (Yes…I’ve actually tried to follow planes that were in a landing pattern in order to find an airport.) No one is more appreciative of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) than moi. I love being able to type in an address and mindlessly drive to a destination. This is not necessarily a negative trait. I’ve had some wonderful adventures ‘not knowing where I was going.’ I’ve been down some unexpected roads, met some genuinely wonderful people (who gave me directions) and learned a lot about the roads less traveled.

I’m not directionally challenged in the work of the church. In church work, it’s always about sensing the wind, hoisting a sail and trusting the combined power of the Spirit and abilities of the people. Longrange plans are less valuable in the life of the church than are ongoing sensitivities to the movement of the Spirit and the passions of the people. It is in this wonderfully mysterious mix of us and God that direction emerges.

I’d like to treat you to breakfast on Sunday morning, September 10, in our Fellowship Hall from 8:30- 9:15am. (Actually, our Stewardship Committee is footing the bill, but I’m taking credit.) The primary purpose of this gathering is not to appeal for increased giving. (I’m sure I’ll work it in somewhere, but that’s not the ‘primary’ purpose.) The primary purpose is to share with you my perception of the church’s immediate future. We are a healthy congregation with a wonderful path before us. The ‘wind of God’ is blowing in some interesting directions…and I want us to hoist the sail together…and enjoy the ride…

There is no charge for the breakfast, but please make a reservation by calling the church office or signing up online at This allows us to prepare an appropriate amount of food. Children are welcome…no nursery is provided…I’ll be brief. See you there.

— Jim