The doors were open Sunday morning. People were in the pews. We heard the whispers of: “And also with you,” “Thanks be to God,” and even the Doxology! We were celebrative—but careful.
Welcoming each other to our Sanctuary paves the way for welcoming our guests. Assuming vaccination rates continue to climb and infection rates continue to decline, we are planning to have our ‘extended faith family’ visit on some upcoming Sundays. Mark your calendar (and when possible, make your reservations) for these worship events:
Kyshona Armstrong will bring her voice and guitar to our worship hours on Sunday, May 2. She and I will be co-preaching that morning as we explore important stories in our Bible and in our world.
Livingston Taylor and Lesley-Ann Hix Tommey will be participating in worship on Sunday, June 20. Livingston is a long-time friend of First Baptist Greenville and will be lending his musical voice to our worship. Lesley-Ann is a CBF field personnel missionary with Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries in New York City.
Finally (hold on to your hats), I will be taking some time off this summer for professional development—and quite frankly—some energizing rest. It’s been a long year. I will be out of the pulpit for three Sundays in July. On those Sundays, I thought it would be enriching to invite voices from our past to rejoin us in worship. Many of these persons were influential in the shaping of your faith and the faith of our corporate community. If you don’t know them, be here and get to know them. Former ministers Hugh Kirby will be preaching on July 11, Clista and Glen Adkins will lead worship on July 18, and Don Flowers will be our proclaimer on July 25.
Yes, the family of faith at First Baptist Greenville is back together again, and we are looking forward to seeing our extended family.

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