What about Saturday nights?

It has been gratifying to see so many people take advantage of the online programming our church has offered over the last several weeks. More than 3,000 people have taken advantage of our Livestream worship each week—obviously members and the community at large. More than 500 people have listened to the music, prayers and Bible study offered during our MidWeek Livestream service. (That’s more than double our typical inhouse attendance!) I receive the most emails with regard to our Viral Vespers on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. These have been a wonderful opportunity for our congregation to gain a breath of inspiration and get to know their staff a little better. The most surprising feedback I’ve received, however, has been ‘What about Saturday? Why is there no online church event on Saturday?’ Well, ask and you shall receive…sometimes.

Saturday is the traditional Sabbath Day, so to provide you with a relaxed time of inspiration and entertainment from April 18 to May 31, we will be providing Saturday Night Facebook Live Concerts. Go to the church’s Facebook page at 7:00pm on these Saturday nights and join the Watch Party. The following musicians—friends of our church—have agreed to provide a short concert (30-45 minutes) from their location for our congregation!

April 18—Ryan Madora and Craig Haller
April 25—Bobby Jo Valentine
May 2—Adam Nitti
May 9—Arkansauce (tentatively scheduled)
May 16—Kyra Zhang
May 23—Pat Terry
May 31—Phil Snyder

Now…you have something to do on Saturday nights!


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