Roses, Lilies and Poinsettias

Sharing flowers is a way to show care for loved ones – their beauty warms the heart. The same is true for FBG. The flowers in our Sanctuary are beautiful to see and a way to bring a little of outside, God’s creation, inside our worship space. None of the flowers use church budget dollars. The arrangements on Sunday mornings are donated by members of our congregation, placed there in memory or honor of loved ones. Those flowers are a blessing twice: once as a beautification of our worship space and again as they are taken apart, rearranged and delivered to those in our congregation who are not able to be out and about. If you would like to place flowers in the Sanctuary for one of our Sunday services, contact me at, and we will get it scheduled.

The same is true of our Palm Sunday, Easter and Advent decorations. There is no budget for these. Purchases of Easter lilies and poinsettias help to cover the cost of the palms, lilies, poinsettias and wreaths. Although in the past we have spent more on flowers for Easter and decorations for Advent than was received, that will no longer be the practice. To that end, the cost of lilies and poinsettias will increase this year to make it possible to continue to decorate our worship space and buildings with the beauty of the seasons.

To celebrate Easter, an arrangement of lilies will be placed in the Sanctuary as both honorary and memorial gifts. All gifts will be published in the newsletter. If you would like to make a gift toward this arrangement, send the following information to my attention at the church (First Baptist Church, Attn: Kimberly Coates, 847 Cleveland Street, Greenville, SC 29601), along with your contribution of $25 per dedication:

— Kimberly


Phone Number:

Email Address (if applicable):

Number of Gifts ($25 each):

In honor of:

In memory of:

Please make checks payable to First Baptist Church. Orders should be received by Palm Sunday, March 25.