This Wednesday night, May 26, we will conclude our 7-week MidWeek Fellowship series “REthinking Help,” after what has been an edifying journey for me and, I hope, for you! If you’ve missed a week, the videos are still available on the homepage of our website.
We’ve learned that people do want to help and need us to speak up. Our need to be of help is as great as our need for help. Jesus’s instructions to “ask, seek and knock” are not just advice on “how to get what you want.” They are spiritual practices that will help us “live into” God’s vision for us as an interdependent community.
We’ve learned that when we won’t accept help it’s usually because we are trying to avoid negative emotions which run counter to our help-seeking goals. By examining those countervailing fears, we can be better recipients of all God is providing.
We’ve learned that when strangers approach us for help, our generosity should be coupled with the wisdom to understand that long-term relationships of support are what people most need. For those who have needs the church is not equipped to meet, partner agencies like United Ministries provide resources and staff who can companion people to a better life.
We’ve learned who needs counseling: all of us! It’s time to put away the stigmas of the past and embrace all the insight and freedom that better self-understanding affords! In Kendra Plating we have a staff counselor who can listen and help you determine whether a specialist is needed.
We’ve learned that sometimes “no” is how we say “I love you.”
We’ve learned that some of the most at-risk people in our church family are those quietly serving as caregivers. While we can’t all be doctors, every one of us can help care for caregivers!
This week: What kinds of help can we expect from God? How many people would you guess have given up on the church because of disappointed false expectations? Join as we “REthink help” one last time to end unnecessary suffering, care more compassionately, and depart – as so many “helped people” left the presence of Jesus – rejoicing!

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