For many years, Susan K. Shelley has coordinated our MidWeek Meal Delivery Ministry and Mary Rankin has coordinated our Rides to Medical Appointments Ministry. These ministries are invaluable help to the recipients and a beautiful expression of how we care for one another. As Susan and Mary take leave of their posts this fall, we say “Thank you!” and know that you will want to thank them personally when you see them!
Deb Willingham will take over the coordination of our MidWeek Meal Deliveries, and Tony McDade will take over the coordination of our Rides to Medical Appointments (and potentially, a Sunday bus ministry to Assisted Living facilities). Welcome, Deb and Tony, and thank you for stepping up! John Jones will continue to organize Rides to Worship, and Janet Albert will continue to coordinate our Sunday morning golf-cart ministry. They deserve an expression of our gratitude as well!
Each of us is just one sprained ankle or scratched cornea away from temporarily losing our ability to drive. These coordinators and their many driver volunteers help ensure that our church members get at least one meal each week and the transportation they need during a convalescence. They also ensure that when you are ready to offer your services as a driver, you have the opportunity to serve! If you need one of these services, just contact me or Ryland at the front office: 864-233-2527.
Obviously, while the pandemic continues, the church’s mask protocol for unvaccinated persons also applies to our Transportation Ministries. If COVID-19 cases continue to increase and the CDC recommends we return to stay-at-home or other safe-distance protocols, we may have to suspend these ministries again. In the meantime, these are the people to know when you or someone you care about needs a little help getting around, and—whether you need them or not—they are the people to thank!

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