In 1977, the Grateful Dead released their second compilation album of greatest hits titled What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been. The title of this album could also apply to the last two years of church life! For more than 50 weeks, we did not gather in our church’s facilities. We gathered at the Peace Center, Fluor Field, and in other venues for multiple ministries. Primarily, most of our gathering was accomplished via the internet. Once we regathered in the sanctuary, we committed ourselves to masks, distancing, fist bumps, and heart pats. Yes, what a long, strange trip it’s been.
In the middle of our long, strange trip, we called Camille Loomis Rehnborg to serve as our second Pastoral Resident. For her first year with us, she never saw the congregation gathered in the sanctuary for worship! During her first year, she had only met most of us by telephone or email. Despite all this, she has made the most of her time with us—learning all she can and giving the best of her gifts.
In response to many of your requests, the Ministry and Education Formation Committee has offered Camille a one-year extension to her residency. This will allow her to experience and engage the gathered church for a full two years. Camille has accepted this offer, and we are all delighted she has agreed to continue with us on this long, strange trip.

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