O God, You have been our help in ages past,
You are our hope for years to come.
Be thou our guide while life shall last
And our eternal home. Amen

-Hardy Clemons
Remembrance Garden Dedication
April 16, 2000

Through the vintage McBee Avenue church gates and into the garden, you will view the beautiful Good Samaritan Statue, hear the laughter of children on nearby playgrounds and experience the steeple bell melodies. The superb trees and landscapes provide a place of peaceful reflection.

The Remembrance Garden is located in view of the church where so much spiritual nurture has been invested. Whether the celebration of births, dedications, baptisms, marriages, or a life coming to the end of an earthly journey, the First Baptist Church heritage of peace, hope, joy and love is conveyed to those who enter the garden gates.

Read the Rules and Regulations regarding the Columbarium, including a fee schedule. Please contact the church office for additional information.

We go from here remembering the path our Savior trod
That we might have abundant life and know the love of God.
If pain or darkness be our lot, with him, we will not fear:
For resurrection joy and light are drawing ever near.
-Donna M. Forrester


Remembrance Garden Memorials

Garden Bench given in loving memory of Dr. William A. Mitchell, Jr., our friend, associate, and mentor, from his partners and staff at Orthodontic Associates, P.A.

The cedar tree enclosed by the low brick wall given in honor and appreciation of the 1999-2000 Sunday School Teachers of Preschoolers and Elementary Children.

The cross at the center of the Columbarium given by Dr. and Mrs. Michael Stamm.

The sycamore Celebration Tree, given by her family, in memory of the life of Susan Scott Lynch – wife, mother, teacher and friend.

Gates from the First Baptist Church McBee Avenue given by Mr. and Mrs. C. Dan Joyner.

The Good Samaritan, by Charlie Pate, dedicated to the missions, ministries and stewardship of giving through First Baptist Church Greenville and placed in honor of “Giving Because We Care”, August 29, 1999.