With the onset of the global pandemic, we resolved not to be totally confined. Having already travelled in all fifty states and all ten Canadian provinces, we are accustomed to seeking travel destinations. Since March 2020 we have taken impromptu Sunday afternoon road trips into rural and urban areas of nearby counties. From Gaffney in Cherokee County to Lake Lure in Rutherford County, NC, and from Gramling in Spartanburg County to the crossroads at Grits and Groceries in Anderson County, we have discovered fascinating places. For our explorations, we relied on our sense of direction—not a map, not a GPS. Rambling in all directions, we have explored Main Streets in small towns and enjoyed the scenery of spacious farmlands, beautiful landscapes, and quaint old country stores. A drive in our Paris Mountain State Park was a refreshing ride down “memory lane.” Once, we even drifted into probable deer hunting territory where we made a quick U-turn! Recently, we drove through Greenville streets surrounding the Unity Park site. It has been interesting to see the locales where our neighbors reside, work and play.
We suggest that you set out to destinations such as Chesnee, Fingerville, Landrum, Clemson, Seneca, Westminster, Campobello, Moore, Williamston, Belton, Pickens, Dacusville, Cowpens, Laurens,
Moonville, Easley, Marietta, Woodruff, Princeton, Inman, Newry, Salem, Walhalla, Central, Pumpkintown, and yes, even Greenville! Select your direction—north, east, south, west—and the roadway—US 29, 25, 276 or SC 11, 14, 20, 101, 123, 290 or roads without numbers. Each trip will reward you with a one-to-three-hour getaway that will enlighten and delight you with vistas special to our small spot on the globe where we are blessed to live.
—Anne and Paula Cargill

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