Pilgrimages are intentional trips to other places whose sacredness and religious value have the potential to change the way one sees the world and to plant a faith journey’s milestone in its wake. The Holy Land, the Vatican, mission trips, and other personal examples contain this theological possibility. This November, we will lead an opportunity for pilgrimage to see up close and reflect on this nation’s history of slavery, segregation and racism. As we visit the cities of Birmingham and Montgomery, hubs for the Civil Rights Movement and home to the museums and memorials we’ll visit, space will be provided for experiencing and learning from the stories and history they have curated, for dialogue and fellowship with other churches associated with the Alliance of Baptists, and for evening theological reflection and sharing among our group.

Cost and other details will be finalized and available at an information and registration meeting in the Parlor after worship on Sunday, September 25. Questions? email matt.rollins@firstbaptistgreenville.com.

—Matt and Kendra

Tentative Schedule
November 9—Birmingham
Civil Rights Institute

November 10—Montgomery
Legacy Museum
Rosa Parks Museum

November 11—Montgomery
Alliance of Baptists Fall Gathering
Peace and Justice Memorial

November 12—Return home

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