Fourteen church members (led by Matt Rollins and myself) set out on a pilgrimage November 9-12, through Birmingham and Montgomery to the Civil Rights Institute, The Legacy Museum, and the Rosa Parks Museum, and to join in worship and lament with the Alliance of Baptists. We began our pilgrimage with this quote from world religions scholar, Huston Smith: “The object of pilgrimage is not rest and recreation—to get away from it all. To set out on a pilgrimage is to throw down a challenge to everyday life,” and throw down a challenge, it did. We were moved and angered, reminded and educated on the ways in which racism has sculpted not only America but the Christian experience in America. From slavery to convict leasing to lynchings to Jim Crow to mass incarceration, white Christians have often had more presence on the side of injustice and inequity than on the side of God’s good justice and equity. As I pilgrimaged and prayed through those days, the words of Psalm 98 were ringing in my head: “Sing to the LORD a new song… He is coming to rule the earth; He will rule the world justly and its peoples with equity.” If you’d like to join this church in singing a new song of justice, please be in touch with Matt or myself to find out how to partner in this work, and be on the lookout for our next pilgrimage! We are all on a journey, heading toward God’s perfect love—may we each find our way to bring about a little more justice on the path we trod!


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