In 1998, First Baptist Church took proactive steps to create a program called Protecting Our Children. This was a preventive measure to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse occurring in our church. When our program began, volunteers were asked to sign a covenant that they had never and would never abuse children, but a lot has changed in our world since 1998, especially regarding child sexual abuse. Through the years, we have revised our program to include training classes, screening forms and background checks. Recently, we made significant enhancements to our program, and I want to give you an overview of Protecting Our Children as it stands today.
The policy document has been rewritten to include best practices for protecting all children in our care whether they are attending a program within the church walls or traveling for a mission trip or retreat. The new policy document is available by visiting I urge everyone to review the document whether or not you work with children.
• All employees of the church, no matter their position, will complete this process prior to employment and thereafter, every 3 years.
• Anyone who volunteers, in any capacity which involves children, is required to complete this process prior to beginning their volunteer service. Certification will be renewed every 3 years.
• The first step is to fill out a screening form and DSS Consent form found at and return them to me:
Juli Morrow
First Baptist Church
847 Cleveland Street
Greenville, SC 29601
If you prefer, you may leave them at the reception desk in the church office or scan them and email to me at
• After receiving your forms, I will create an account in your name for our online training classes and send you the login instructions. There is a short quiz at the conclusion of each video. Results from the quizzes will automatically be sent to me.
Only those persons who have successfully completed the screening process will be allowed to work with children.
Prior to any activity the managing staff member will review instructions and best practices with all volunteers and chaperones.
If you are currently volunteering with children, we need to get started with your recertification right away. Please access the links above or go to the website, print and complete the forms, and send them to me. If you need printed copies, just let me know, and I will send them to you. As you can imagine, this is a huge undertaking, and your prompt attention to sending the forms to me will be a tremendous help.

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