Members of our congregation provided the beautiful poinsettias displayed in our Sanctuary.

One poinsettia is given
…in memory of Johnny Flynn by Phyllis Flynn and his children and grandchildren.
…by Phyllis Flynn in honor of her brother, Butch Barnhill.
…in memory of Harper Lennon Marchi, Parker Wren Marchi, Oliver Mason Marchi and Colton John Marchi by Evan and Theresa Marchi.
…by Nancy Strange, Laura Gabrels and Anne Peterson in memory of their parents, Mary Chester Stallings Gabrels and J. Leon Gabrels.
…by Bert and Nancy Strange in memory of his parents, Herbert L. and Henrietta B. Strange.
…in honor of Cam and Tony McDade by their granddaughter, Ainsley Murphy.
…in memory of Ruby Jeffords by Baxter and Paula Wynn.
…in honor of Jean Linville by her children and grandchildren.
…in memory of Tom Tuten by his family: Tammi, Scott, Luke, Tee and Mary Francis.
…by Thomas Bruce in memory of Jean and Larkin Bruce.
…in memory of Don Bolt by his daughters: Paige, Tammy and Melanie.
…in honor of Marietta Bolt by her daughters: Paige, Tammy and Melanie.
…in loving memory of Henry and Ruth Little by their family.
…in loving memory of Bill and Sharon Lewis by their family.
…by Donny Simmons and Sandra Funderburk in memory of W.B. (Rusty) Simmons Jr.
…in memory of Oscar Funderburk Jr. by Sandra Funderburk, Suzy Harrison, Jaby Funderburk and Jon Funderburk.
…in memory of Jim and Carolyn Fayssoux by Jim and Martha Fayssoux and their children.
…in loving memory of Buddy Clay by Marianne, Grayson, Dylan and Walker Clay and Marie and Skip Hall.
…in loving memory of Bonnie and Jim Smart by Marie and Skip Hall.
…in loving memory of Dr. Todd Milford Jr. by Garrett, Cheves, Garrett Jr. and Lang Steck.
…in memory of Dr. Marion B. Crooks Jr. by Mary Ann Lawson Crooks.
…by Prudence Taylor in honor of Tony and Carol Hopkins.
…in honor of Jeanette and John Cothran by Stephen, Nancy, Raleigh, Robyn, Bo and Andrew.
…in honor of Mary Carol, Franklin and the entire Youth Family Ministry Team.
…by Annelle and Dick Locke in honor of Carol Ann Anderson in appreciation for the beautiful cornucopia she provides each year.
…in memory of Loretta Brown Kallam by her family.
…by Jay Addison and Ryland Brown in memory of Ruth Reid and Rachel Martin and Charlie and Pat Brock.
…in honor of Jacque and Randy Bell by Judy Ethridge.
…by Julie Cline in loving memory of her parents, Dr. Richard Burts and Annamarie Burts.
…by Julie Cline in loving memory of her husband, David Martin Cline.
…in memory of Bruce “Grumps” Larson by Carol Larson.
…in memory of Jane Bennett Stelling by Dick Stelling.
…by Dick Stelling in memory of Dr. and Mrs. G. Willis Bennett.
…in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Frank H. Stelling by Dick Stelling.
…by Becky Bridwell and Lynne Holcombe in honor of their parents, Gerry Batson and the late Rhodan (Dan) Batson.
…in loving memory of Joyce Coates by Kimberly and Lee Coates.

Two poinsettias are given
…by Ralph and Becky Bouton in memory of their parents, Bill and Frances Bouton and Bill and Blanche Carpenter.
…in memory of Fran Nau Jones by Mark Jones and Family.
…in memory of Gerald Stroud by Lois, Ginny, Stephen and David Stroud and their families.
…by Betty Davis in memory of Wayne R. Davis.
…in memory of Grace and Bernard Simmons and Oscar and Ruth Funderburk by Sandra Funderburk and family.
…in memory of Helen and Erwin Austin by John and Carole Austin and Jim and Martha Fayssoux and their families.
…in loving memory of Ned and Marie Clay by their children and grandchildren.
…by Tom and Sherry Atkinson in memory of their parents.

Three poinsettias are given
…are given by Betty Alice, Russ, Jenny, Brandon, Berit and Kylie in memory of Richard Harper.

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