Members of our congregation provided the beautiful poinsettias displayed in our Sanctuary.

One poinsettia is given
…by Prudence Taylor.
…in loving memory of Teresa Gray by her husband, David Gray.
…by Johnny and Phyllis Flynn in memory of their parents, John and Madelyn Flynn and Ed and Nora Barnhill.
…in memory of beloved mother, wife and lola (grandmother), Rosanna Milford, by her family.
…by the family of Sylvia Milford in memory of their beloved mother and grandmother.
…in memory of Rusty Simmons by Donny Simmons and Sandra Funderburk.
…in loving memory of Jean and Arthur Coogler by Darlene and Steve Coogler.
…by Darlene and Steve Coogler in loving memory of Barbara Ballew.
…in memory of Sandra Corder is given by Darrell Corder.
…by Darrell Corder in memory of Stephanie Corder.
…in memory of Carey Corder by Darrell Corder.
…in memory of Ruthann Scaringi by her mother, Evelyn Scaringi.
…by Marie and Skip Hall in memory of Fran Jones and in honor of Mark Jones.
…in loving memory of Ned and Marie Clay by their children and grandchildren.
…by Pamela Davis in memory of Debbie Davis.
…in honor of Jean Linville by her children, Beth and Jeff Linville.
…by Jack and Liz Higdon in memory of Glenn Shelby, Liz’s brother.
…in memory of Larkin and Jean Bruce by Thomas Bruce.
…in memory of Dan Batson by his wife, Gerry, and his daughters and granddaughters.
…by Deb Willingham in memory of Mary Frances and Ben Willingham.
…in honor of Anne and Wayne Weaver by their niece, Deb Willingham.
…by Deb Willingham in loving memory of Benje Willingham.
…in memory of Helen and Frank Ulmer by Margaret Ulmer.
…in loving memory of precious mother and nanee, Margaret Baker Bell, by her family.
…by Betty and Gene Morin in honor of Mary Beth Duty.
…by Rhett and Sarah McCraw in memory of Frank and Dorothy Kelly.
…by Rhett and Sarah McCraw in memory of Buddy and Mildred McCraw.
…in honor of Eric R. Daniel by his mother, Gail House.
…by Gail House in memory of her husband, Thomas Edward House, MD.
…in honor of Brad Easterling and family by his Aunt Carol.
…by the Hope Sunday School Class in honor of Lee and Pat Counts.
…in loving memory of Jerry Wylie Sr. by his wife, Mary; his children and their spouses; and his grandchildren.
…in loving memory of Bill Jett by his wife, Judy; his daughter, Amy; his son-in-law, Jerry; and his grandsons, Justin and Jacob.
…in memory of Carolyn and Jim Fayssoux by Jim and Martha Fayssoux and children.
…in memory of Susan Oliver by her daughter, Mary Jo Dorogi.
…by Lib Hunter in memory of Bill Hunter.
…in loving memory of Freddi Jo Foster by her husband, Skip Foster, and her family.
…in loving memory of Henry and Ruth Little by their family.
…by John and Martha Burwell in loving memory of Armistead and Kay Burwell.
…in loving memory of S. Carroll Brady by John and Martha Burwell.
…by Bert and Nancy Strange in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Strange.
…in memory of Mary Chester (Chet) Gabrels by Nancy Strange, Laura Gabrels and Anne Peterson.
…by Malcolm, Milly, Max and Emily in honor of Jane Isley.
…in memory of Big Max by Malcolm, Milly, little Max and Emily.
…by Malcolm, Milly, Max and Emily in memory of Lois and Jack Tyson.
…in memory of Newt Stall by Mareon Stall and her family.
…by Eleanor and Billy Dunlap in honor of Pat Dunlap.
…in honor of Mareon Stall by Eleanor and Billy Dunlap.
…in memory of Bill Dunlap by his family.
…by Carrie, Eleanor and Wade in memory of Wade H. Bryant.
…by Sarah Barton Hipps in memory of her parents, Henry and Sarah Barton.
…in memory of Brittany Langley Lawson by Courtney and Sean Hartness.
…by Courtney and Sean Hartness in memory of Tom and Edna Hartness.
…in memory of Louise Pittman Surett by Courtney and Sean Hartness.

Two poinsettias are given
…by Ralph and Becky Bouton in memory of their parents, Frances and Bill Bouton and Blanche and Bill Carpenter.
…by John and Carole Austin and children and Jim and Martha Fayssoux and children in memory of Helen and Erwin Austin.
…by Tom and Sherry Atkinson in memory of their parents, Ben and Louise Atkinson and Floyd and Genie Jones.
…in memory of Wayne R. Davis by Betty Davis.
…by Julie Cline in memory of her parents, Richard C. Burts Jr. and Annamarie Burts.
…in memory of Gerald Stroud by Lois, Ginny, Stephen, and David Stroud and their families.

Three poinsettias are given
…by Sandra Funderburk, Suzy Harrison Jaby Funderburk and Jon Funderburk in memory of Oscar Funderburk Jr., Grace and Bernard Simmons, and Ruth and Oscar Funderburk Sr.

Four poinsettias are given
…in honor and memory of Betsy Bob and Earl Miles by the children and family, Candace Adeimy, Mary Beth Stoudenmire and David Miles.
…by Candace Miles Adeimy and family in honor and memory of Marie and Ned Clay.

Eight poinsettias are given
…in loving memory of Max Kennedy by his wife, Gwen Kennedy, and his daughters and their families: Carole and Rick Flaspoelher with Grace and Ben; and Lara Mayers with Kennedy and Will.

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