Pastoral Care Transitions

Hopefully by now you’ve heard about the changes within the Pastoral Care department at our church. Beginning January 1st, I am officially part-time, and Kyle Matthews will be moving into Pastoral Care. Ryland will continue to serve as the Pastoral Care Assistant, and we continue to be grateful for his gifts in this position. This transition will help me to better respond to some personal changes happening in my family, giving me more time with Hattie and more defined hours to help accommodate my husband’s demanding work schedule. I am so excited that Kyle will be able to step in to be the full-time, day-to-day Pastoral Care Minister (stay tuned next week for an article from Kyle giving you more details about his work). While Kyle and I will share the same title, our work will have different focuses. I will no longer participate in on-call, and I will only be able to lead funerals during my regular days in the office (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday). In my 20 hours per week, I will continue doing some homebound ministry, hospital ministry, preaching and short-term pastoral counseling to church members. This means you can schedule time to talk with me about any spiritual struggle you are having in your life. This might include family struggles, relationship struggles, pre-marital counseling, end-of-life planning, discernment in healthcare decisions, grief counseling and/or questions about faith or the Bible. If you’re not sure, just shoot me an email or give me a ring, and we can decide if I might be helpful in your circumstance. If I can’t help you, I have an extensive list of professionals in the Greenville community that I can refer you to. I am looking forward to continuing to minister within our church in this context. Kyle and I have switched offices in case you come looking for us — Kyle is upstairs on the main hallway down from the Reception Desk, and I am downstairs across from the Choir Room. I’m looking forward to hearing from you — getting coffee, lunch or meeting in my office — to talk about the ways God is working in your life.
New work hours: 9am-2pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
233-2527 ext. 104
— Kendra