Hello everyone! Your friendly Media and Technology Coordinator, Will Dodson, here with some exciting news.
I’ll cut right to the chase. Starting on November 1, First Baptist will be using vimeo.com to host our livestreams and other video content. This next step is a part of the broadcast upgrades our Technical Operations Team has been making. You might have noticed that video quality on our streams have improved; that’s due in part to the two new cameras we have purchased.
It’s still a few weeks away, but the switch to a new streaming platform will be a welcome change. I believe it will improve everyone’s viewing experience. It is important to note that Facebook Live will not be affected, and you can still view the livestream there.
Some of the changes you will see from the new platform:
• No more third party platform names to remember. The livestream will be embedded in our website, so all you have to do is visit www.firstbaptistgreenville.com.
• The higher quality livestreams will remain stable throughout the service.
• The ability to chat and ask questions will be easier than before.
• You will be able to easily access past services from the same page that you watch the livestreams.
Over the coming weeks, you will be seeing more about the new streaming platform in the newsletter and on social media. Pay close attention to this information. It will have some hints on becoming a pro on our new streaming platform. I know, big changes like this can be hard at first, but I am hoping we can make this transition as seamless as possible. If you have any questions regarding our change to Vimeo, please let me know by emailing will.dodson@firstbaptistgreenville.com or by calling the church and dialing ext. 112.
—Will Dodson

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