New Ministers Commissioned

We congratulate the nine new Stephen Ministers who were commissioned during worship on May 20 and are pictured here: Pat Booker-Christy, Mary Louise Green, Freda Lark, Brenda League, David Ledbetter, Min-Ken Liao, Tom Oswald, Michael Stogner and Jonathan Wright. We also welcome Malcolm Isley, a new church member who has joined us after previously serving as a Stephen Minister and a Stephen Leader in another faith community.

If you are interested in training to become a Stephen Minister or in receiving care from a Stephen Minister, please contact a Stephen Leader or one of our pastors.

— Ann Quattlebaum, Stephen Minister and Leader

Pat Booker-Christy

Mary Louise Green

Malcolm Isley

Freda Lark

Brenda League

David Ledbetter

Min-Ken Liao

Tom Oswald

Michael Stogner

Jonathan Wright