August 2, 10:30am
Camille Loomis Rehnborg, FBG’s new Pastoral Resident, will be introduced and participate in worship on August 2. She and her husband, Matthew, moved to Greenville last week, and she will begin her residency with us on August 1. Originally from Virginia, Camille has spent her professional life in Mississippi and North Carolina. This spring, she graduated from Duke Divinity School with concentrations in Baptist Studies and Theology and Arts.
Our guest proclaimers are Jonathan and Tina Bailey, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Field Personnel in Southeast Asia. They serve in Bali, Indonesia, with emphasis on spiritual expression through music, dance and visual arts both inside and outside the local Christian community.
Within the Christian church in Bali, the Baileys encourage Christian artists to stay connected to their culture using the music, dance and visual arts of their native community, offering culturally appropriate forms for the local church. Outside the church, Jonathan and Tina provide support for and encourage artists through the Narwastu Art Community, which they organized in 2005. This community is made up of musicians and dancers from around the world who learn and collaborate together alongside a core group of Balinese and internationals who call Bali their home. While the art created is significant, the initiatives of the Narwastu community also provide the space for meaningful relationships that bridge cultural, linguistic and religious differences to begin and grow. It is in this open space of heart and mind that transformation takes place. Tina also teaches in a prison arts program for inmates in Bali’s high security prison, mentoring prisoners in art-making and forming relationships with inmates. She works to develop artistic technique as well as life-skills to assist them as they re-integrate into society after they are released.

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