Do you love to keep in touch with friends via snail mail? Have a fancy calligraphy pen you need an excuse to use? You might be a perfect fit for the new card writing ministry at FBG!
This past year has shown us how important friendships and church relationships are to keeping us spiritually and emotionally healthy. Receiving a personalized card in the mail reminds us of all the people praying for us and that we are loved. The card writing team intentionally writes to two groups of FBG members: those who are homebound and those who reside in assisted living or nursing homes.
Cindy Showman (member since 2019) is organizing a team of card writers to extend God’s love to these church members through snail mail. Are you interested in ministering to our church family through pen and paper? Cindy would love to have you on the team! If you would like to put your writing skills to work encouraging others, or if you are interested in receiving cards from this team, please let Ryland know (email or 864-233-2527), and Ryland will get you in touch with Cindy.
  —Pastoral Care Ministry

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