Need a Ride?

Three years ago, I did not know L.D. Recently she arrived at my door with sixteen long-stemmed red and white roses, a chocolate cake, a birthday card and an invitation for lunch. Thanks again, L.D. and Mary Bolt, chair of the Transportation Committee! All of this happened because about two years ago I asked for a ride, and L.D. gave me a ride at Mary’s request. That was the start of our friendship.

Giving up driving was not as hard as giving up a lot of independence. The Lord said, “Ask, and you will receive,” and I found him right. In fact, as in Jim’s May 7 sermon, God gives us more than our basic needs.

So, if you need a ride to the doctor, call Mary Bolt at 864-640-9644. She cannot promise roses and chocolate cake, but she will see that you have a ride and more.

My heartfelt thanks to Mary and many “L.D.’s” who have given rides and more.

— Ruth Reid