Need a Little Peace?

We live in a busy world. In an attempt to care for our families, jobs and other responsibilities, we rarely make time to adequately care for ourselves. We are tired – mind, body and soul. Spiritual Enrichment Events (SEE) are designed to provide a space of rest, prayer, personal nurture and retreat.

From 9:30am-noon on Saturday, February 4, facilitators Ben Mullinax, Min-Ken Liao, Kathy Sharp and Elaine Nocks will lead us in an exploration of what it means to have “Peace Like a River.”

Scripture, stories, art and contemplative time will be used to understand this phrase. We will also look at the qualities of a river – and water, in general – and explore the historical and symbolic role of water in creation and our biblical traditions.

The cost of the retreat is $15 – if staying for lunch, an additional $10. Visit to register.

— Matt