Each of us at some time or other feels like the victim of emotions we can’t name: an inexplicable loss of energy combined with sleeplessness, a mysterious anxiety which doesn’t seem related to any upcoming event, an anger or impatience with those we love, a sense of depression that does not conform to the classic definition, a loss of meaning or direction…

Sometimes what we’re experiencing is grief, but because it doesn’t conform to our stereotype, we don’t recognize it. Our society doesn’t respect the range of experiences that can cause us to grieve, nor does it make space and time for the process of healing. But the church is a safe space for precisely that kind of self-care.

We have set aside Friday evening, October 13, and Saturday, October 14, to gather with licensed counselor, ordained minister, chaplain, author and editor Peggy Haymes, who has worked with grieving people for over thirty years. You can learn more about her here: https://www.pinnlead.com/navigating-griefland We will gather in our church Parlor for dinner at 5:30pm on Friday and conclude our time together Saturday at 3:00pm.

Let this be the time you made space for your grief and allowed something good—maybe unexpectedly good—to come from your experience. Call Angie Knight at 233-2527 ext. 103 or email her to let us know to reserve a place for you!


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