Let’s do our part. There has been so much racial tension and divide in our country of late, and many of you have asked what you can do. While we are still apart physically, we can still move together as one to take a stand.
Let’s do our part. In March of 1965, in an effort to register black voters in the south, protestors did their part by marching 54 miles from Selma, Alabama, to the state capital in Montgomery. They were met with deadly violence from local authorities and white vigilante groups. Despite the violence, they achieved their goal after three days of walking around the clock under the protection of National Guard groups.
Let’s do our part. During the week of June 20-27, take some time each day to log some miles with the goal of 54 or more miles over the course of the week. This is a virtual event, so it does not matter where you are located. Get your family or friends together and form a team of up to six people. Register, with no fee, at Doing Our Part-Moving Together (https://tinyurl.com/fbgmoving). On June 20, start walking, running, biking, swimming or whatever it is that you like to do and log your miles at Log My Miles (https://tinyurl.com/fbgmiles). We’ll have daily contests and prizes for things such as best team name, most scenic picture, and most inspirational chalk message along with watch, listen and read resources and civil rights history facts. Be sure to like First Baptist Church, Greenville, SC and AYMC, First Baptist Greenville, SC on Facebook and follow fbcgreenvillesc and aymc_fbc on Instagram to see the challenges and resources. Take lots of pictures and share them on your social media accounts with #54ormore and tag FBG and AYMC so everyone can see us moving together. The team that logs the most miles at the end of the week will win a gift card to Fleet Feet.
Let’s do our part. I look forward to it.

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