Mission Statement and Covenant

In addition to the Mission Statement and Covenant of our church, you may find the Rules of Church Order of interest. View them by clicking: Rules of Church Order

Mission Statement

We are a community of believers in God as revealed in Jesus Christ as Lord. We believe in the authority of the Bible, the equality of all members, unity in diversity, and the priesthood of all believers. In communion with and through the power of the Holy Spirit, we follow the Way of Jesus the Christ and share the Good News through worship, education, ministries, and missions. As an autonomous Baptist church, we value our heritage and the freedom it allows us to minister alongside other groups, both Christian and non-Christian. We express our love for all in gratitude for the love God has shown to us.


As members of this fellowship, our only calling is to be the people of God at this time and in this place. We are here by choice for the specific purpose of worshipping God and ministering in the name of Jesus Christ. As recorded in Galatians 3:28, “We are no longer Jews or Greeks, slaves or free, men or women, but we are all the same – we are Christians; we are one in Christ Jesus.” As all are equal under God, so they are in this congregation. Every member is a minister. As a member of such a fellowship, and because of my love for God, I commit myself to these responsibilities.

  • I will attend regularly and support faithfully the opportunities for worship and education provided by this congregation.
  • I will offer to know and love other members of this fellowship, and I am willing to be known and loved by them.
  • I will respect the right of all members to express their beliefs. Although we will not always agree, I will respect the action of the majority and will work for unity of spirit and purpose as fellow Christians in this fellowship.
  • I will enlist and welcome visitors to this fellowship, and will help them feel a part of our community. I will pray habitually for myself and others so that we may grow in our relationship to Christ and to each other.
  • I will take seriously my gifts and actively share them in ways that will strengthen this fellowship.
  • I will give systematically a sacrificial percentage of my income and possessions to support financially our church’s ministries in gratitude for the grace of God and the ministry of this fellowship.
  • I will be open to hearing and responding to God’s message as it comes to me in all areas of life.
  • I will take seriously my responsibility in training and educating our children and youth in biblical truths, with the hope that they will affirm their heritage, declare their faith in Christ, and live accordingly.
  • I will be an example of Christ in the world, being just, merciful and honest in my dealings and faithful in my obligations with all people.
  • I will cooperate with believers everywhere within the larger body of Jesus Christ.
  • I will be aware of the depth and extent of human needs both in my immediate community and in the world at large. I will obey the command given in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), and will support the efforts of this fellowship in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

With God’s help and with the help of my brothers and sisters in this fellowship, I make this covenant.

Non-discrimination statement

In all facets of the life and ministry of our church, including but not limited to membership, baptism, ordination, marriage, teaching and committee/organizational leadership, First Baptist Greenville will not discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity.