High School Mission Trip to Washington, D.C.

We spent our week in Washington, D.C. listening to stories of people we had never met but walked away with friendship and new stories that were woven into our Youth Family as we worked and served in the city. We began our week meeting and listening to the wonderful people of Calvary Baptist Church. Our Youth Family gathered as a group of brave women told their stories.

“I am a person,” said the first woman. “I walked through the desert for one week to get to here. I was starving. I work very hard. I am not a criminal. I am a person. I am a friend.”

The women were so honest and vulnerable, trusting us with their stories. Some powerful words were shared with our Youth Family, “We are humans. Immigrants are your friends.”

“Next year my TPS will end. I will be here illegally. If I go back, I won’t know anybody. I will have to leave my children here.”

“We have the same God, but we treat each other differently.”

This special hour with the Calvary folks framed our week of service and helped us to remember to listen to the stories of all those who cross our paths…you just might make a new friend. Go and Do Likewise.

— Mary Carol