Wise Leadership During Wearisome Times
A Study of Nehemiah
Wednesday Evenings, 6:15pm
January 6–February 10
Dr. Jim Dant
Nehemiah is not one of the more popular books of the Bible; however, it has been a go-to book for me during the most challenging chapters of my pastoral work. I’ve served four churches since seminary. Each of these churches required some level of rejuvenation—a turnaround. This kind of work calls for a measure of wisdom and leadership. During my extended tenure at each church, challenges arose which further demanded a heart and head oriented—simultaneously—toward the task at hand and the guidance of God. For me, the Book of Acts in the New Testament and the Book of Nehemiah in the Old Testament have been my guiding rubrics in this area of leadership.
I’d like to share the Book of Nehemiah with you during our MidWeek Fellowship Bible Study and Prayer Time beginning Wednesday evening,
January 6, and ending February 10. These six sessions will provide us with the insight and strength to lead in the particular arenas of our lives. You may be thinking to yourself, “I’m not a leader.” Well, yes you are. Some of you lead businesses, civic groups, book clubs, circles of friends, committees, families, corporate boards, classes… and if nothing else… you are the primary director of your personal life decisions. We all need the wisdom to lead. We particularly need the wisdom to lead during times of crisis.
I hope you will join me as we dig into the Book of Nehemiah. All services will be broadcast via the internet and archived for those who wish to view them later.

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