Middle School and High School Mission Trip

Passport MissionBase, Atlanta, GA

Working with elementary aged children requires a lot of patience, and many of our youth questioned whether or not they possessed this quality. Brave faces were put on as we were all divided into groups to work with children in their rotations for the coming week. Some of the youth had the opportunity to work at Ebenezer Baptist, the historical home church of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Here they were presented with the opportunity to witness at a place where social advocacy and the church intersected. With current events, our youth could be inspired to make positive changes in this community.

At the other location, Park Avenue Baptist Church, the children were both gracious and rambunctious. They could hardly contain their excitement to get to know us. Our youth were granted the difficult task of making reading entertaining and being ringleaders to the many stragglers trying to escape the reading circles. The tales from this mission trip could fill the entire newsletter, and that goes to show the many memories made during our week of missions.

The youth were able to form relationships with the children at both locations and find God through the smiles, the tantrums and the patience required to handle it all.