It is rare to see a Media and Technology (Tech Ops) article in The Branch. When you see one, I’m usually telling you about a big change coming to FBG streaming or some technology change within the church. This time there are no changes, but I have two important messages.
The first is a sincere thank you. Over the last two years, the Tech Ops Team at First Baptist Greenville has been here to bring worship into your homes and provide a welcoming and meaningful worship in the Sanctuary. These volunteers work hard on Sundays and Wednesdays and at special events to bring you an experience for which we as a team are very proud. The Sound Ops Team is Randy Childers, Reed Wilson, Mike Fuller, Stewart Caldwell, John Jones and Brown Miller. The Broadcast Team is Peyton Mills, Austin Rabon, Rob Bailey, Will Bailey, Christopher Matthews, Preston Davis and Colin Dorroh. It has been a pleasure to lead this team of wonderful volunteers, and I hope you will show your appreciation to them the next time you see them.
The second part is an invitation. The Tech Ops Team is looking to add new volunteers to its roster. Experience in audio and video is not a requirement, but it never hurts. Volunteers will go through training on all the technology that is used on a regular basis in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall and will learn to be proficient with all positions on the Tech Ops Team. If you are interested in joining this awesome group, please give me a call (233-2527 ext. 112) or send me an email (

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