In the coming weeks, we will be introducing our church staff to the congregation. While many of these staff members have served First Baptist Greenville for years—even decades—newer members may not be familiar with them, and new responsibilities may not be known by the greater congregation. Knowing your church staff helps you know whom to contact when a particular need arises in your life. Today we meet…
Under the leadership of Mary Carol Anderson for the last five years, a vibrant Youth Family has been formed within the larger congregational family. She works alongside Will Raybon and Sarah Carter. Together, they disciple our youth in developing a faithful perspective regarding the joys and challenges of adolescence. This team has also faced the program challenges presented by the recent COVID-19 crisis by focusing on and modeling the importance of relationships. In addition to youth ministry, this team also works to provide college ministry opportunities and internships for college/graduate school students, and they participate in the broader worship and discipleship life of the church.

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