This week, please take time to get to know these members of our staff who provide pathways of spiritual development for the varied members of our church. Individually, they primarily address particular age-groups within the congregation. Collectively, however, they work together to provide a graceful, thoughtful, credible approach to growing in our relationship with and understanding of God and the church.

Matt Rollins

Minister of Spiritual Formation and Outreach

Matt Rollins gives oversight and direction to the Spiritual Formation Ministry of First Baptist. Through a variety of outreach ministries, he helps usher newcomers into the church. Once here, he ensures each member has access to spiritually formative opportunities: Sunday School, retreats, support groups, etc.

Becky Ramsey

Minister to Children

Becky Ramsey serves as our Minister to Children. Becky oversees a variety of programs—classroom, special activities, camps, parental counsel, worship participation, retreats and more—designed to encourage the healthy spiritual development of our children.

Juli Morrow

Minister to Preschoolers

Juli Morrow welcomes every newborn into the family of First Baptist Greenville. Through her supervision of nursery staff and collaboration with the broader ministerial staff, she ensures our church intentionally provides ministry to preschool children and their families. Juli also administers our Protecting Our Children program.

Sarah Ramsey-Smith

Director of Special Needs Ministry

Newly hired, Sarah will give direction to our church’s overall approach to children with special needs. She has already begun the task of contacting families and envisioning the best practices of spiritual development with these treasured children.

Jennifer Craig

Ministry Assistant

Jennifer provides administrative assistance to the ministers and program directors in the area of Outreach and Spiritual Formation.

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