In the last several weeks, we have been introducing our church staff to the congregation. While many of these staff members have served FBG for years—even decades—newer members may not be familiar with them, and new responsibilities may not be known by the greater congregation. Knowing your church staff helps you know whom to contact when a particular need arises in your life. Today we meet…
During these COVID-19 days, everyone on the church staff has been pressed to deepen and expand their service. Creativity, patience and generosity have become even more necessary in our planning and implementation of ministries. There is no area of ministry where this is more apparent than our mission and affiliations work. Laura Stout leads our focus in the area of missions. She maintains communication with our affiliates and partners (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Alliance of Baptists, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of South Carolina, multiple seminaries, religious publishers, and a host of other ministries), she oversees our mission grant distributions, and guides our mission education programs. Frank Smith’s work is more centralized in the area of Neighborhood Partnerships and Senior Adult Ministries. Shanda LaForge keeps all the ministry details in place and the ministry participants informed.

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