In the last several weeks, we have been introducing our church staff to the congregation. While many of these staff members have served FBG for years—even decades—newer members may not be familiar with them, and new responsibilities may not be known by the greater congregation. Knowing your church staff helps you know whom to contact when a particular need arises in your life. Today we meet…
Our financial services office is staffed with an extremely competent and confidential team. Gail House is primarily responsible for receipt and posting of all contributions to the church. She is available to consult with individuals on means of regular giving as well as long-term planned giving (estates, Foundation gifts, etc.). Peggy Paul manages the implementation of and recording of personnel compensation and related benefits. She is the ‘nuts and bolts’ of our hiring processes and ongoing human resource concerns. In addition, she manages ‘outside usage’ of church facilities and our reception staff. (Call Peggy if you need to schedule a conference or wedding.) Stacey Shinas oversees the accounting operations and financial reporting of the church. She pays the bills! Karen Childers assists in the counting of offerings.
While each person brings a particular gift to the office, they work together to provide a check-and-balance structure that ensures the integrity of our financial system.

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