For the past several weeks you have had the opportunity to meet our church staff in the pages of The Branch. This week, we meet our administrative staff. Each of these individuals give oversight to a particular area of our church’s ministry and mission.

Jim Dant provides overall servant-leadership and vision to our staff and congregation.

Jenna Manning brings to life our Rules of Church order and other governing policies. Committee operations, deacon coordination, ministry calendars, staff coordination, and more are daily managed from her office.

Mittie Taylor coordinates all activities of the AYMC. This includes usage by church members, AYMC members, and a multitude of groups that lease and use our facilities.

Dewanda Martin, Kathy Stewart, and Rosemary New direct the staff and serve the students of First Baptist Day School (FBDS). They have spent the last three years giving oversight to the consolidation and revision of the school. Currently, they are navigating the current COVID-19 context to ensure a safe quality education for the FBDS students.

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