You are lucky that the AYMC has four wonderful personal trainers available to help anyone with their fitness needs and goals regardless of what level they are on. I’d love for you to meet them, and hopefully one of them can help you along your wellness journey. Please let me know if you’d like contact information for anyone.

— Mittie



Ramona is the owner of Fitness Boot Camp, Inc., LifeForce Fitness, and the South Carolina Fitness Corps. She is the developer/designer of the Ramona Graham Fitness Boot Camp Fitness Trail in Greenville’s Cleveland Park. She has been a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and sports nutrition counselor for over twenty years.


Chris has been a Personal Trainer and Fitness Director for over 23 years. His past clients have included local high schools, businesses, area gyms, athletes, post-surgery rehabilitation and the general public. He has worked with one-on-one clients, small groups and fit-camps. Currently, he helps clients overcome obstacles to achieve preset goals which aid in overall health & fitness levels.


Beverly’s motto is “Any movement is good movement,” and her mission is “To empower you to reaching your individual fitness goal and strive for excellence every day in order to live the best quality of life that can be lived.” She has been a personal trainer for five years and is certified in several different areas, one of the most recent being Parkinson’s Disease.


Derrick grew up all over the world but is in fact a 1981 graduate of Greenville High School. He spent twenty-two years in the army serving three tours in Iraq. He has a degree in kinesiology from the University of Texas and is a drafter with Fluor. He has been training people for fourteen years.