Lulapalooza Texas Hold 'Em Tournament

FBG will hold its fourth annual Lulapalooza Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament to benefit the
Lula Whilden World Missions Offering on Sunday, November 19, in the Fellowship
Hall. Space is limited to 100 players and any skill level (even if it’s your first game) is
At 5:00 p.m. Jim Dant will offer a lesson on the basics of this card game. After a
short break, the tournament will begin at 6:30 p.m. and end when one person is
holding all the chips! All tournament fees will go directly to the Lula Whilden
Offering. The winner will receive no money, but will be awarded the coveted
‘Lulapalooza Champion’s Blazer.’
The cost to play is $50, payable at the door. For an additional $50, you can add
$1000 to your starting stack. As an added bonus this year, the player who knocks
Jim Dant or any former winner (Lee Coates, Xin Huang or Matt Rollins) out of the
tournament will receive a restaurant gift certificate.
Just think, if 100 players pay $100, that’s $10,000 for missions! This is a fun event
for anyone of any skill level. Sign up online today, and we’ll see you at the
tournament. Shuffle up and deal!

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