As we continue highlighting our Lula Whilden World Missions Offering this week, we focus on the mission work of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, or CBF. A core component of CBF missions is placement of field personnel in more than 30 countries and regions across the globe. These amazing leaders are serving the most impoverished and marginalized communities in places like Kiev, Ukraine; Harding, Ethiopia; Bali, Indonesia; Bass, Cambodia; but also, Raleigh, NC; Houston, TX; and Atlanta, GA. The CBF field personnel represent one of the main reasons the Lula Whilden World Missions Offering was created—and why it is so important that the entire congregation continues to support it each year.
Missy Ward-Angalla serves as a CBF field personnel in Kampala, Uganda, where she is the founder and co-director of Amani Sasa. Amani Sasa ministers to refugees and their families who are traumatized, abused, trafficked and/or vulnerable to exploitation in Uganda. The ministry includes emergency services, counseling, group therapy and support groups for refugees. Amani Sasa also has in-depth trauma healing and empowerment programs for young mothers, women, men and children at risk.
Many of you met Missy and her husband, Francis, and heard their powerful story during one of their visits to our church. To learn more about Amani Sasa, visit You can also read about other CBF field personnel here.
Lula offering donations can be made through the end of the year. Please remember CBF, along with the Alliance of Baptists and CBFSC, is directly impacted by your generosity. Thank you for your part in reaching our goal of $100,000!

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