In the November 9 Branch, I shared why our Lula Whilden offering is named such and how it supports missions through the Alliance of Baptists, CBF, and CBF SC. We are fortunate to have Tina and Jonathan Bailey, CBF field personnel in Bali, as fellow FBG members. Here are Tina’s reflections on why our offering matters:
There is so much I could write about how the Lula offering impacts lives in Bali. At this time, I will simply speak about how we encourage artists to create work that connects to their own culture. There has been an unfortunate message communicated in many countries that non-western art forms are not welcome in the church. We work hard to repair the damage that has been done by this message. The symbols from these different cultures have meanings that are natural and help them feel connected to God. It can be by using their own kinds of musical instruments, the melody of songs from their own culture, the dance forms and styles that are unique to their culture and even the painting or drawing techniques. When the artists we work with begin to reclaim the music, dance and visual art symbols they grew up with to honor God, then the gospel is rooted in their own Balinese soil. Exemplifying as our Balinese mentor and teacher says, “Bali is my Body, Christ is my life.” God loves cultures from all over the world. It is so important to remember this. We are grateful for this offering and your support of our work.
You may give to the Lula offering at our December 20 drive-through luminary service; online or by text; or by check made payable to First Baptist Greenville, designated for Lula Offering. Let’s give generously and keep Lula’s legacy alive!

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