The core philosophy of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s Global Missions Program is that Christians are called to live and work alongside the neglected, forgotten and marginalized peoples of the world, sharing the love of Christ and helping to meet physical needs as well as spiritual needs. First Baptist Greenville is fortunate to have ties to three groups of CBF field personnel living out this mission. This week, please take some time to get to know their stories and pray for them and those they serve. Consider making a gift to the Lula Whilden World Missions Offering, which supports these field personnel by supporting CBF.

—Susan D’Amato, Missions & Affiliations Committee

Jonathan and Tina Bailey serve in Bali, Indonesia. Their ministry focuses on helping people find spiritual expression through music, dance, and visual arts. The Narwastu Art Community, which they organized in 2005, is made up of musicians and dancers from around the world who learn and collaborate together alongside a core group of Balinese and internationals who call Bali their home. Tina also teaches in a prison arts program for inmates in Bali’s high security prison.

Carson and Laura Foushee serve in partnership with Kanazawa Baptist Church in Kanazawa, Japan, serving the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of people with international roots in a region where few resources for such populations exist.

Missy Ward-Angalla and her husband Francis are the co-directors of Amani Sasa Ministries in Kampala, Uganda. Amani Sasa serves over 400 people each year who are refugees from six different countries by providing emergency food, medical and housing services, counseling, trauma rehabilitation and empowerment programs.

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