Just since the school year began, we have already had some BIG happenings in our Youth Family. In August, our new sixth graders and high school seniors took part in the Merge Retreat, where we learned about Youth Family traditions, and over September’s Labor Day Weekend, we took over 120 youth, chaperones and church leaders to our annual Rockmont Fall Retreat. At Rockmont, we announced our yearly theme, “Belonging,” and began to learn what it means to belong together and to help everyone belong. In between times of personal and family group devotions, our youth took full advantage of all that Rockmont has to offer…lakefront, zipline, water slides, climbing walls and so much more.
But, that’s just the beginning! We have so many exciting events and activities planned for the Fall, and we can’t wait to learn, celebrate, play and grow with our whole Youth Family.

Here are some highlights of the season ahead—you can add them to your calendar now!

Thursday Afternoons—“MC Around Town” informal gatherings for youth at local coffee and ice cream shops

Sunday, October 2—Trip to Denver Downs for Middle and High School; Haunted House for HS students

Sunday, October 30—All Youth Halloween Bash @ the AYMC

Sunday, November 13—Baked Potato Bar Fundraiser for next summer’s international mission trip

Can’t wait to see you soon!

—Mary Carol & Franklin

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