Join the Party

Sign Up and Bring a Friend June 11 through June 25, FBG hosts Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN or GAIHN), providing housing and hospitality for homeless families on a journey to home ownership.

A recently seen post to the Carson class said:

Kyle’s message tonight, his final in the “Spiritual Disciplines,” was on CELEBRATION as discipline, not just randomness – our GAIHN “parties” are a beautiful illustration of that, don’t you think? Thank you all for helping give the party!

Join the party, and invite a friend to sign up here. Can’t find a spot? Email me ( There are lots of things you can do to help: setting the rooms up, making lunch box snacks, donations, laundry, stocking supplies, decorating, cleanup and take down.

All hosts (those who stay with the guests) must have completed the Protecting Our Children certification. Hosts greet guests, answer questions and are there to call the right person
in case of emergency. Evening hosts share dinner with the families who often enjoy conversation and stories. As you can see from the picture, we may put puzzles together, play board games, play basketball, or simply provide things like extra toothpaste or deodorant which are available in our supply room. Overnight hosts sleep on cots in the host room. Usually by the time they arrive, the guests are getting ready to retire. Basically, we do anything we can to show respect to each individual and family unit and provide love and assistance in a difficult period of their lives.

Why are you waiting? Join the party, and invite a friend to join you!

— Mary Pyett, IHN Coordinator