Though many women wish to escape cycles of sexual exploitation, there is often no clear, safe path forward that provides the guidance and resources they may need to restart their lives on a different path. To help women overcome such obstacles, the non-profit organization Jasmine Road has established a two-year residential program that helps women in Greenville who are caught in such traumatic situations. The success of their program has largely hinged on a multifaceted approach, including care for clients’ mental, physical and spiritual health, as well as education and training for finding a new direction in life. Part of Jasmine Road’s fundraising comes from these very programs: the women of Jasmine Road sell handmade gifts, like candles and jewelry, and run the tasty lunch restaurant known as Jasmine Kitchen.
Despite the success of these endeavors, Jasmine Road also seeks support from neighboring organizations in the community to help keep their services available to all who may need them. Therefore, throughout the month of January, our church is going to help collect the following frequently-needed items for Jasmine Road:
• Feminine Hygiene Products (Preferred Brands—Tampax® Pearl Super and Playtex® Sport Super Tampons; Always® Pads)
•   Trash Bags
•   Swiffer® Sweeper Wet Mopping Pad Refills
•   Swiffer® Duster Refills
•   Lysol® Cleaning Wipes
•   Windex®
If you wish to donate any of the supplies listed above, we’d ask that you bring these items to the church Reception Area any time throughout the month, Monday-Friday (9am-5pm) or Sunday morning.
Please contact Laura Stout with any questions.
—Kate Anderson, Missions and Affiliations Committee

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