First Baptist Greenville is proud to partner with Fostering Great Ideas, a new beneficiary of our Foundation funds, that was founded locally in 2011 to advocate for children and teens struggling in the foster care system. Their website,, states, “We bring Great Ideas to life that improve lives, restore hope, build meaningful relationships and increase community-wide engagement. Our commitment to children provides significant support for them during their foster care journey. Through the work of the dedicated team at Fostering Great Ideas, healing is possible, and success is attainable.”

Throughout January, we are invited to provide hope to 15 college students through the College Fellows program, which benefits students who have aged out of the foster care system and many of whom are first generation college students. “When youth age out of foster care, there are significant challenges. They are often on their own, lacking family support for their journey.” College Fellows provides accountability and support for these students to encourage them to complete their education and “visualize a future for themselves.”

We can support the work of FGI College Fellows by providing the following items for winter care packages. You may:
1) Bring these items to the church Reception Area Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm.
2) Find these items online and have them shipped to:
First Baptist Greenville
c/o Amy Joye
847 Cleveland Street
Greenville, SC 29601
Contact Laura Stout with any questions.
Gas gift cards
Hand sanitizer
Gratitude journal
Fuzzy socks
Card games
Hot chocolate/apple cider packets
Microwavable chicken noodle soup
Cough drops
Powdered vitamin C packets
—Laura and the Missions and Affiliations Committee

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