Sarah Ramsey-Smith has been hired as Director of our Special Needs Ministry. Sarah grew up at First Baptist and is the daughter of Becky and Todd Ramsey. She and her husband, Paul, moved to Greenville from Asheville about a year and a half ago. They have 2 young sons, Josiah and Daniel. Sarah has her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from The Medical University of South Carolina. Most recently, she worked in Spartanburg District 7 as an occupational therapist specializing in evaluating and treating students to reduce barriers to participation in the school environment. She helped develop and implement Individualized Education Plans and provided training for teachers to assist students as they worked to achieve their goals.
As director of our Special Needs Ministry, Sarah will work with each of our families with children of differing needs to create a plan for the spiritual development of each child. She will attend to the children’s sensory, motor function, and cognitive needs to enhance their spiritual development. Another of our goals is to minister to the entire family through activities outside our regular Sunday School and worship time.
In her letter voicing her interest in this position, Sarah said, “I believe that children of all abilities are beloved children of God and deserve our utmost attention and care..…[and] that the works of God can be displayed through all children, including differently-abled children.” Having a person with her abundance of skill and training along with her loving heart will elevate our ministry to all of our children. Please join me in welcoming Sarah to this very important work.

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