This week, March 21-28, our church is virtually hosting families who are in the IHN program at United Ministries by providing rental assistance, care packages, recorded picture book read-alouds, funds for special family outings and meals, and other needed items. During non-COVID times, IHN families stay at our church with volunteers helping to provide meals, set up bedrooms in our church, and visit nightly with these families. One of our volunteers, Priest Fuller, shares his experiences with volunteering at our church:
“My small part of the week’s activities is helping with an evening supper along with others in the Hope Class. IHN started putting actual names and faces on the homeless for me. Each week there is a truly different and interesting group of adults and children.
One evening at supper we were sitting at the table with a family of four. They were a couple in their 30’s with two especially well-behaved children. I noticed when they arrived earlier there always seemed to be a smile on his face, which was unusual to me considering the circumstances. As we talked across the table, he explained he had been laid off in Maryland and got a part-time job as a forklift operator. While he described his situation, she was smiling, and his children were listening quietly. He then looked over at me with a sincere grin, moistening eyes and announced that he got put on full-time at the warehouse that day. Well… everyone within hearing distance started clapping and went over to shake their hands. That was a special time! Each time I have gone I have gotten much more out of the experience than I ever put into it.”
Please pray for these families and also consider volunteering as we are able to resume taking our turn to host the IHN families! Read the April 12 issue of the Branch for another volunteer reflection.
—Cam McDade,
First Baptist Greenville IHN Team Coordinator

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