First Baptist volunteers have found creative ways to virtually host families from the Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) during COVID-19 restrictions. We are hosting again June 13-20 by sending notes to families, praying for them, and providing ways for families to enjoy some time together.
Ms. Wallace shared her story of what this program means to her family. She is currently living with her two teenagers in transitional housing after being evicted from her home. She states, “The timing with IHN was remarkable because I was in the last days of living in my home and did not know where we were going. IHN moved quickly with the screening process and moved my family in immediately.” Housing was her main issue, and meeting other families in the program gave her hope because others had more than one situation to overcome. “We all became family.” You can read more from families who have been a part of this United Ministries program here.
First Baptist will host virtually again in July, and our hope is that by fall we will be able to participate in person. We look forward to the day when our handwritten notes will be exchanged for smiles and greetings at the church door as families arrive to spend the night and gift cards will be replaced by home-cooked meals and dinner around the table with time to share stories. How can you help?
1) Mark your calendar for October 24-31, when we hope to be hosting families in our church building.
2) Contact Juli Morrow at now to ensure that your Protecting Our Children certification is current, enabling you to volunteer in October.
—IHN Leadership Team

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