No, I don’t know who it will be—there are a few things we need to do before the Search Committee will be ready to start considering candidates. Perhaps the most significant of those things is to spend some time listening to you, the church family. Fortunately, the Search Committee is wise enough to understand the value of your input. That’s why they’ve scheduled three congregational conversations, each 3:30-5:00 on a Sunday afternoon. Each conversation relates to FBG in a chronological approach:

January 22—the past: what brought FBG to where it is today?
February 5—the present: who is FBG as a church right now?
February 26—the future: where is God going to lead FBG moving forward?

As you can see from the topics, each conversation is distinct; this is not the same conversation being offered multiple times. You will also want to know that childcare will be provided.

At this point, some of you are thinking, “Tony, you haven’t yet told us what you know about our next Senior Minister.” (Long-time friends tell me that I’m bad about that, using a lot of words without addressing the topic at hand.) Actually, what I’ve told you is: the next Senior Minister shouldn’t be called without your being involved in this process. I trust that you are already involved by faithfully praying for the church, the staff, and the Search Committee. Your next step is to be part of the three congregational conversations.

There are two other things I can tell you. Your next Senior Minister is coming to work with a great staff and to be part of a great church. I’ve suspected that about FBG for a long time, but I’ve been here long enough to experience it firsthand. Last but certainly not least, I can tell you that your next Senior Minister will give his or her heart to FBG—it’s what pastors do. So start praying for that person right now, and give your voice to the process that will help him or her find a home at FBG.


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