Here’s the Deal: Life Lessons from the Poker Table

Some retreats are quiet and contemplative. Some retreats are loaded with lecture and learning, but few retreats are filled with as much fun and inspiration as the Here’s the Deal: Life Lessons from the Poker Table Retreat.

Some of our ancestors were adamant about the perils of playing cards, but we need not define our faith by such things. Our retreat leader – Jim Dant, Senior Minister at First Baptist Greenville – believes every aspect of life has the capacity to be constructive or destructive; it depends on how we handle it. He also believes there is a lot of wisdom to be garnered from the game of poker.

The Here’s the Deal Poker Retreat will afford us the opportunity to encounter truths about the problems and possibilities life presents. It will encourage us to ponder God’s role in the rhythm of our life as we observe the randomness of cards from the hand of a dealer. We will discuss the role of faith and knowledge in playing the hand you are dealt – in poker and in life.

— Matt

Date: Sunday, May 7
Time: 5:00-7:00pm
Location: First Baptist Greenville
Fellowship Hall
Price: $15

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