The poinsettias in our Sanctuary are provided by members of the congregation who wished to celebrate special people in their lives.

A poinsettia is given…
by Kimberly and Lee Coates in honor of their children and granddaughter.
in loving memory of Margaret Baker Bell by her family.
in memory of Martin Rieder Sr. by his grandchildren, Erik and Miriam Rieder.
in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Strange by Bert and Nancy Strange.
in memory of Mary Chester “Chet” Gabrels and J. Leon Gabrels by their daughters, Nancy Strange, Laura Gabrels and Anne Peterson.
in memory of Hayden Hays by Brenda Hays.
in memory of Greg Friend by his sister, Dawn Hill.
in honor of Tony and Cam McDade by their grandchild, Ainsley Murphy.
in loving memory of Bill Godsey this holiday season by Carolyn Godsey and family—Kenneth, Brian, Karen, Jeff, Kasey and Elleigh.
in memory of Neal Williams by Coco Williams, his wife of 61 years.
in memory of Jimmy Dale Powell by David, Kyle and Piper Powell.
in memory of Neal Williams by David, Kyle and Piper Powell.
in memory of John D. Kenney Sr. by his daughter, Pamela, and daughter-in-law, Cynthia Kenney-McIntyre.
in memory of Sterling and Gladys Rose by their granddaughter, Cynthia, and Pamela Kenney-McIntyre.
in memory of Clay and Gerrie McIntyre by their daughter, Cynthia, and daughter-in-law, Pamela Kenney-McIntyre.
in memory of Autumn E. Scheuvront by her sister, Cynthia, and sister-in-law, Pamela Kenney-McIntyre.
by Gail House in memory of her husband, Thomas Edward House MD.
by Gail House in memory of her parents, Grady and Louise Toney.
by Gail House in memory of her sister, Sharon Toney Newton, and her niece, Lisa Moore Carpenter.

in loving memory of Ned Clay by Marie Clay and their children and grandchildren.

in honor of Marie Clay by her children, Buddy and Marie, and their families.

in memory of Mike Horne by Nancy Horne.

in memory of Ralph J. Moody and in honor of Martha B. Moody by their loving daughter, Danette Moody Patterson.

in memory of Cathey Fayssoux by her family.

in memory of Verda Fayssoux by her family.

by Emily and Jim Fayssoux in honor of their family for whom they are so thankful.

in honor of Rachel Woods by Kay Foster.

in memory of Darrell Floyd by Kay Foster.

in memory of Dan Foster by Kay Foster.

in memory of Jerry Dempsey by Kay Foster.

in memory of Jim Neal by Jo and Don Carson.

in memory of Rhodan Batson and his sister, Sarah Elizabeth Batson, by Gerry Batson.

in memory of James Thomas Miller IV by Elizabeth Howle.
in honor of Anne and Wayne Weaver with love by Ben and Debbie Willingham.

in honor of Herlane and Tyrone Edwards by Ruth Reid.

in honor of Mary Ruth and Bill Lacy by Ruth Reid.

in memory of Carolyn and Jim Fayssoux by Jim and Martha Fayssoux and children.

in memory of Nancy McKittrick by Beth Jefford.

in memory of Jim Whitten by Minor and Hal Shaw.

by Thomas Bruce in memory of Larkin and Jean Bruce.

in memory of Oscar Funderburk by his family: Sandra, Suzy, Jaby and John.

in honor of Bob Simmons by Anne Martin.

by the Hope Sunday School Class in honor of Lee and Pat Counts.

in memory of Myles Golden by Carole and John Austin and Carol Ann and Al Bell.
in honor of Nancy Gaines by Jim Gaines.
in memory of Ernest “Sonny” Horton by his wife, Keeter Horton.
in memory of Lib and Monk Laffitte, Callie and Othniel Wienger and Sterling Laffitte by Carol and Monty Laffitte.
by Pam Shucker in love for her husband, Harry Shucker.
by Pam and Harry Shucker in love for their daughter and her family: Cherington Shucker, Darin Gehrke and Brynn Gehrke.
by Pam and Harry Shucker in love for their son and his family: Burgess and Raya Shucker and Denver Shucker.
in honor of Ann Quattlebaum by the Stephen Ministers.
in memory of Odes Dillard Tatum III by Maye-Webb Tatum.
in memory of Jo, Charlie, Steve and Robbie Bell by their family.
Two poinsettias are given…
in memory of Tom and Edna Hartness by Becky and Bobby Hartness.
with gratitude and in loving memory of Ruth and Henry Little by their family.
in memory of Blanche and Bill Carpenter by their family.
in honor of the Strickland Campbell family—Dawn, Bo, Tigist and Peter—by Ruth Reid.
in memory of Helen and Erwin Austin by John and Carole Austin and children and Jim and Martha Fayssoux and children.
by Tom and Sherry Atkinson in memory of their parents, Ben and Louise Atkinson and Floyd and Genie Jones.
in memory of Gerald Stroud by Lois, Ginny, Stephen and David and their families.
Four poinsettias are given in memory of Catherine Ann Jeter by her family: Jimmy, Scott, Greg and Brad.

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